Community Members of Salmiya Meet Area Commander

Community representatives from Salmiya residents recently met H. E. the Ambassador of India Mr. Satish Mehta & discussed the security concerns of the area. The Embassy of India organized the meeting with Salmiya Area Commander Col. Bader Al-Mutairi.

Members of the community from Salmiya Area met Col. Al-Mutairi along with Indian Embassy Consular & Chief Welfare Officer Mr. Balram Kumar Upadhyay on Thursday, October 11, 2012. This meeting was organized to bring the attention of the authorities about Salmiya Area’s residents’ concerns regarding increase in miscreants’ attacks on Indian citizens & other expatriates living in the area.  They brought to the attention of the officers, the recent incidents of snatching of Wallets, snatching of Gold Chains or Ornaments from the pedestrians along with other issues of thefts. The issue of Hyderabadi Boy, who got killed by dragging along the car in the incident of wallet snatching, was also brought to the notice. Col. Al-Mutairi promised that the culprit of this incident will be brought to the justice, which is common to all.

The area hosts six Indian Schools and this also aggravates the parents’concerns about the safety of their children studying in these schools. Even students of the schools are reported being harassed in isolated incidents, when they had no cash to share with these miscreants.  Col. Al-Mutairi gave community members ample chance to explain the details and gave them a very patient hearing. He informed and expressed surprise that the cases being mentioned except the Hyderabadi Boy killed were not reported in his Police Station. He stressed the importance of registering the complaints.

Mr. Upadhyay also emphasized on registering complaints and importance of communicating in local language of Arabic. He suggested community members, who know Arabic should help in lodging complaints to Police Station. This will help proper reporting, which is important to take actions.

Col. Al-Mutairi also encouraged people to report the issues in the respective police stations. He provided contacts of the police station in case of requirement. He also praised the law abiding nature of Indian community. He endorsed the request of increased police patrolling in the area and near to schools in the current context. He assured that confidence building measures and guidance will be taken up soon. Col. Al-Mutairi accepted that he can be part of awareness program to be held after Eid Al-Adha in one of the schools for the benefit of the community.

Vijayan Karayil, Mukhtar Marouf, Basheer Batha, Mahaboob Kapad, Sunil P Anthony, Salvador, Naser Iqbal, M. Manshauddin, AbdurRahman K represented on behalf of Salmiya residents in the meeting. Earlier Harjindra Singh & Suresh Mathur also accompanied the group to meet H. E. the Ambassador of India Mr. Satish Mehta.  The representatives thanked the officer for his guidance and assurances.

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