Federation of Indian Muslim Associations (FIMA) hosted a warm reception to bid adieu to Eng. Mohamed Qutub

FIMA-Federation of Indian Muslim Associations, Kuwait conducted farewell party to renowned Islamic Scholar & Preacher Eng. Muhammad Qutub in Sharqiya Tent @Grand Mosque before he travelled to Malaysia. Program started with excellent recitation of Noble Qur’an Ashraf and Secretary General Mohamed Hanief welcomed Engineer Muhammad Qutub, Guests, Presidents and General Secretaries of member associations and coordination council members.

Engineer Qutub, is a Chemical Engineer by profession & has 15 years of professional experience in the field. During his University days, he had committed himself for Islamic preaching & had deep study in Islam & Arab Sociology. He left to Malaysia for Post Graduate Degree and possibly Doctorate in Islamic Studies.

His speech on event inspired the audience as how one can align his professional life with Religious Duties & Social Commitments. His explanation about Arab spring & political fallout was based on his deep study of region, religion & social fabric. He highlighted recent events in Muslim World & tried to give proper beneficial direction for Ummah in this time. His comparative narration about Judaism, Christianity & Islam was clear to understand.

For long, he was in association with FIMA & actively supported FIMA’s events. He was an excellent orator and a popular Khatib for Exemplary Sermons on Fridays & Eids in English language at Masjid Uthman. He was associated with FIMA’s Program of “Gaza on Fire” and was instrumental in collecting Good Funds for people of Gaza in cooperation with IICO of Kuwait. His remarkable start of the series of Lecture on the Life of Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him was also remembered.

The farewell was attended by FIMA’s members, dignitaries & invitees. President Mukhtar Marouf explained Engineer Qutub’s introduction to FIMA and then progress in relationship. He said that we, members of FIMA, will miss him. However, he is leaving Kuwait for excellent purpose and on behalf of FIMA & its member associations, he prayed to Almighty ALLAH to be pleased with his actions, accept his and our actions and bestowed the Best Luck to succeed in his future endeavors. Abdul Azeem, President of HMWA also spoke very high about Guest of the event Engineer M Qutub. A Beautiful Souvenir was presented to Engineer Qutub. Salim Desai expressed vote of thanks. His contact in Malaysia is available with FIMA, if anyone is interested to know.


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