FIMA Hosts Grand Iftar Party


Federation of Indian Muslims Associations (FIMA), Kuwait held its Annual Ramadan Iftar Party in Al-Andalus Ballroom at the Crowne Plaza hotel recently on last Tuesday. The event was well attended by a gallery of Ambassadors, Head of Chancellery, Counselors, Embassy officials from SAARC and other countries, Prominent Indian Businessmen, Kuwaiti Dignitaries, Leaders of different organizations and a battery of Media persons. H. E. Ambassador of India to Kuwait Mr. Satish C Mehta was the Chief Guest. H.E. the Ambassador of Sri Lanka Mr. WijeRatne, H.E. the Ambassador of Laos Mr. Thongphanchan Sonna Sinh, Head of Chancery of Pakistan Embassy Mr. Shahzad Husain, Counselor of Myanmar Embassy Mr. Soe Win. From Turkish Embassy Mr. Oguzhan Albayrak, First Secretary & Head of Chancery Mr. Ali Reza of Bangladesh Embassy, Head of Chancery Mr. Mohamed Anas & Foreign Trade Counselor of Luxembourg Mr. Iqbal Qureshi were the special guests.

Before the starting of the function, recitation of Surah Rehman by Sheikh Mishari Al-Afasi with a pictorial reference and Beautiful names of God-Asmaa’ Al-Husnaa, Video-clips of sponsors were very significant. Surah Rehmann showed God’s favors and signs in pictorial form & questioning how one can deny the existence, his favors, his grace & supremacy of Almighty God.

The function started with Tilawat-e-Qur’an after 5:30 PM by Nisar Ahmed of HMWA. The Secretary General of FIMA Mr. Mohamed Hanief after welcoming the Guests introduced FIMA, its objectives, activities and event of Iftar Party. Praising Allah (SWT), President of FIMA Engineer Mukhtar Marouf welcomed all Guests by name and expressed FIMA’s gratitude & appreciation to all Ambassadors, Counselors, Embassy Staff, FIMA’s sponsors, Kuwaiti dignitaries like Engineer Abdulaziz Al-Duaij of IPC, Engineer Meshal Al-Nasheet of HITN, Mr. Hatem of Equate, Sheikh Naser Al-Saeed of IICO, Leaders of different Indian Associations, Indian Businessmen & Professionals. Emphasizing motto of FIMA, Er. Marouf said Ramadan is a refresher course every year and like a reboot of PC, it is rebooting of our system of life styles & activities to focus again on Enjoin Good & Forbid Evil.

Speaking at the occasion, the Chief Guest of the event H.E. the Ambassador of India Mr. Satish Mehta went further and explained that Ramadan is a reboot for body & soul. He emphasized on giving and its pleasure and satisfaction. He highlighted & praised the Charity in Ramadan. H. E. said such events cement the existing bond between India and Kuwait. He also spoke on the significance of Ramadan and extended warm Ramadan Greetings to the Amir of Kuwait, the Crown Prince, The Prime Minister, the ruling Sabah Family and the people of Kuwait.

Engineer Mohammed Qutub, popular Khateeb of Friday Sermons at Masjid Al-Othman was the man to give the Key note address of the evening. Er. M Qutub enlightened the audience on the blessings of Ramadan and encouraged the audience to get the most out of this Holy Month.  He emphasized the point that the knowledge and the understanding of humans is at the discretion Allah (SWT). Er. Qutub gave example of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) being ordered IQRA’ –READ even though not being able to read and write. The Noble Qur’an was revealed to Him by Allah (SWT) in this holy month of Ramadan. He also continued on the computer system analogy from previous speakers and strongly urged to make the Holy Quran as part of our lives as it will act as the best antivirus for all the evils. He later recited & concentrated on Ayatul Kursi, the 255th verse of the second chapter Al-Baqara and explained the importance and virtues of the same. Er. M Qutub praised the Lord of heavens & earth and the whole universe and explained the unique qualities of God, His greatness, His bountifulness. Fasting in Ramadan brings in TAQWA-fear of ALLAH (SWT), spiritual discipline, moral strength, steadfastness and power of  self-control. It also gives an opportunity to understand the sufferings of poor and motivates to help them.

H.E. the Ambassador was requested to hand over the Mementos, to thank and appreciate the sponsors of the event to 1) Al-Muzaini Exchange Co, memento received by Shahjahan and to 2) Al-Yasra Foods, received by Iftekhar Ansari. President of FIMA Mukhtar Marouf handed over the memento to Key note speaker-Er. Mohammad Qutub, in appreciation of his excellent presentations all the times.

Also, the Duaa by Al-Afasi was very effective prior to Adhan, aired by Hafiz Zafar of HMWA. All participants broke the fast with a platter of dates & dry fruits, a glass of juice, laban & platter of Sambosa, Rolls, Pakoda etc. After the prayer of Maghrib, a Gala Dinner Buffet was served to all. Video clips of sponsors Al-Muzaini & Al-Yasra were played all the time. The function was concluded by Salim Desai, Treasurer of FIMA, thanking all, who participated in the success of this program.




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