FIMA’s Excellence Award to Justice Sachar

FIMA-Federation of Indian Muslim Associations honored Justice Rajinder Sachar with FIMA’s Excellence Award on 2nd of November. FIMA, federation of 15 organizations gives FIMA’s Excellence Awards to those, who are courageous and consistent to fight for the justice. Judges, Lawyers, Human Right Activists and Journalists who have done excellent jobs to protect secular democracy of India are the recipients of this award.

FIMA had declared FIMA’s Excellence Award for Justice Rajinder Sachar in 2009 but Justice Sachar could not make it to Kuwait because of his busy schedule at that time. Justice Rajinder Sachar is a judge, who gave justice within his powers. His work as a Chairman in what is known as Justice Sachar Committee is work of his stature. Report with detailed Statistics, Analysis in his report gave clear candid picture of minorities in India. How much minority communities are lagging behind was made clear. Justice Sachar’s recommendations are also candid and clear to uplift minorities. Indian society is a secular democratic society. Justice Sachar rightly explains that upliftment of the recommendations would strengthen the secular fabric of Indian society.

FIMA has awarded FIMA’s Excellence Awards in the past to IAS officer turned Human Right Activist Harsh Mander, Human Right Activist Teesta Setalvad, IPS Officer turned Human Rights Activist RB Sree Kumar, Justice Fatima Bevee, Lawyer Suhel Tirmizi, Chief Editor of The Hindu newspaper N. Ram, Jounalist Ajit Sahi, Documentary Director Mahesh Bhatt, Journalist Vinod Dua, Philanthropist & Social Worker Giyasuddin BabuKhan

72 of 76 recommendations done by Justice Sachar Committee were approved by Government of India and are in process of implementation. Implementation of recommendations was an issue, discussed with Justice Sachar by the members of CC of FIMA. The issues discussed were implementations by the authorities concerned and disbursement of information of schemes being implemented. Justice Sachar gave good information on the difficulties faced in implementations and parties involved.

Justice Sachar was in Kuwait on invitation of IKFS and FIMA had the opportunity to hand over the FIMA’s Excellence Award to the deserving Judge. FIMA President Engineer Mukhtar Marouf expressed gratitude and appreciation for the work done by Justice Rajinder Sachar as a Chairman of Justice Sachar Committee. FIMA’s Excellence Award in real Gold was awarded to Justice Sachar and a beautiful Souvenir was also presented by members of FIMA. Mr. Sami Bubere and Mr. Dhaval Bhatia were also present in the function.

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