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Mr. Ajit Sahi

Mr. Ajit Sahi born on 15th January 1996 in Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh) is a well known journalist who has distinguished himself in the field of his profession. Having worked for Tehelka, Star News, Indian Express and many other leading publications. He successfully contributed towards bringing justice and fought for fundamental rights of citizens who were suppressed by oppressors. Beginning his career in 1986 he has travelled the length and breadth of India investigating the people locked up or killed for being terrorist and witnessed the official line unravel. While working for the weekly Tehelka, recently, created a storm with his investigations of cases of scores of innocent victims of violence which took place at Godra in Gujarat, which was popularly known as "GODRA CARNAGE".

It was during this aftermath that this intellectual succeeded in bringing in confessions from various ministers and other accused who were involved in creating and fanning communal riots in Gujarat. His authentic reports which were submitted to the courts for justice created a stir in the nation. His bold words which were converted to actions brought relief and justice to many a riot affected families who were involved. Mr. Sahi was a blessing in disguise for the poor victims who saw a ray of hope to rekindle their lives. His actions proved to be fatal for the aggressors and many of whom were taken to custody.

These acts of his have created hatred among the culprits who are now looking out for vengeance and therefore Mr Ajit Sahi is more popularly known as "Editor at Large"!

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