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Since its inception, FIMA tried its best to serve the community in various fields with the support of its member organizations and the community. To list a few:



FIMA sent used, but worth usable clothes to Bihar, Orissa and Gujarath.

On 7th February 1998 FIMA sent 1.5 Tons of used clothes to Bihar through the Red Cross & Red Crescent societies.  The clothes were distributed to the needy by HE Abdulrehman Kidwai, Hon. Governor of Bihar and Present of Bihar Red Cross & Red Crescent Society.

Further to the grand success of the first shipment of old clothes and realizing the tremendous response from the beneficiaries, FIMA sent 2 Tons of old clothes to Mumbai through MESCO.  This service was well accepted by the community and Thousands of less privileged people benefited.



In July 99, when our ‘Jawans’ faced the challenges in Kargil from the neighboring country we contributed IRS 2.5 lacs to the Prime Minister’s fund (Army Welfare Fund) to support the families of deceased military men.

FIMA contributed IRS 6 lacs through United Economic Forum to rehabilitate the Gujarath earthquake victims in addition to 1 container load of relief material sent on March 15, 01.

Provided free tickets to repatriate the stranded employees in Kuwait.



FIMA celebrated Eid Adha (April 3, 99) with Mr. Saleem Sharvani MP – former minister of state for foreign affairs, India at the Indian embassy auditorium.  During the function Saleem Sharvani presented the topic of ‘Future of Secularism in India’  
FIMA also conduct iftar parties during the holy month of Ramzan.  This get-together provide the opportunity to interact with the community members and non-Muslim brothers and spread the message of Islam.



FIMA presented memorandums to various leaders drawing their attention to our grievances.  The leaders include: Mrs. Sonia Gandhi – opposition leader and president of AICC; Mrs. Najma Heptulla – Rajya Sabah Chairperson.



FIMA conducted seminars in various subjects presented by eminent scholars from India.

November 22, 99 FIMA conducted seminars on ‘Miracle of Miracles’ and ‘Islamic Zindagi’ at the Indian Embassy auditorium.  The topics were presented by Prof.  N V Abdulrehman – MEASS College and Moulana Abdul Khaleel – Principal Darul Uloom Yousufia College, Dindigal, Tamilnadu respectively.

Islamic Investment’ seminar conducted in association with Gulf Bank – Kuwait, on April 20, 2000 at the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza hotel.

The seminar on ‘Faith by Choice’ was presented by Adv. Mayankutty Mather on October 26, 00 at the Chamber of Commerce Hall – Kuwait City.



Honoring dignitaries is one of our objectives. FIMA honored eminent personalities who contributed significantly for the benefit of the community.  We also intend to utilize their influence to solve the problems faced by the NRIs and we are happy to record here that FIMA succeeded in achieving results through the dignitaries we have honored.

On October 22, 1997 FIMA honored Mr. C M Ibrahim, minister of cabinet for civil aviation.  During his visit FIMA presented the issues of airport tax, clothes shipment and the release of 2 fishermen held at Iraqi prison.  It is with happy we mention here that Mr. C M Ibrahim effectively utilized his influence in the cabinet and reduced the unjust hike of airport tax.  Also, he helped us to ship the old clothes to India through Air India free of cost.

We also honored Mr. E Ahamed MP who was instrumental for the release of 2 fishermen held in the Iraqi prison.  Mr. Ahmed used his friendship and influence to late Mr. Bala Yogi – Speaker, Lokh Sabah.  While Bala Yogi’s delegation visit Iraq, Mr. Ahmed urged Mr. Bala Yogi to request Iraqi regime for the release of the 2 fishermen held in Iraqi prison and Mr. Bala Yogi achieved the release of these fishermen.

FIMA also honored:

    Sayed Mohammed Ali Shihab Thangal – President, Indian Union Muslim League.

    Mr. Basheerudhin Babu Khan – former minister of Andra Pradesh.

    Mr. E T Mohammed Basheer – former minister of education, Kerala state.

    Mr. Yousef Khan (Dilip Kumar).

    Mr. P C Hamza – Editor Meantime.

    Dr. M K Muneer – minister of public works – Kerala state.Prof. Mankada Abdul Aziz – Chief Editor, Chandrika Daily, Kerala

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